How to identify neurodegenerative disease modifiers in fly?

Edited by December 15, 2017

The expression of a mutated toxic portein (Ataxin3-78Q – SCA3) in fly photoreceptors leads to a progressive degeneration of the retina (SCA3 = control early stage vs. SCA3 + control late stage). This phenotype is rescued when the transport protein KPNA3 is down regulated (KPNA3 KD).


“Targeting    the    intracellular    localization    of    ataxin-3    as    novel    treatment    approach    for    Spinocerebellar    Ataxia    Type    3    (SCA3)” . Congrès IARC 2017, International Ataxia Research Conference 2017, Pise, Italie, 27-30 septembre 2017.