Équipe Contrôle Central du Comportement Alimentaire et de la Dépense Energétique (C3ADE)

Responsable : Serge Luquet (DR2 CNRS)

Contrats récents (2016)

2012-2016 – Academic & private – Research contract directly associated with the activity of the EPF platform – Contract number: 35

2013-2019 – Europe FP7 – European grant FP7 HEALTH.2013. 2.1.1-1 – Health and the Understanding of Metabolism, Aging and Nutrition “HUMAN”. (http://www.fp7human.eu/)

2014-2016 – Office National pour l’Innovation – Partenariat Hubert Curien (PHC) Balaton 2014 Hungary-France collaborative research grant

2015-2016 – Roquette Frères – Thermic & Insulino sensitizers properties of the Nutriose ® fibers: a gut-brain axis

2015-2017 – NOVO-NORDISK – Central action of insulin. NOVO NORDISK STAR Post-doc program

2015-2018 – ANR PRCI – NUTRIent Partitioning in Astrocytes and the regulation of energy HOmeoStasis “NUTRIPATHOS”

2015-2018 – CNRS – International Scientific Collaboration Project (PICS) Luquet-Hnasko Lab (UP7-UCSD)

2015-2020 – Région île-de-France – Domaine d’intérêt majeur DIM Cardiovasculaire-Reins-Diabète-Obésité : Extensive and automated analysis of invertebrates metabolism

2016-2017 – Modern Diet and Physiology Research Center (MDPRC) – Feasibility pilot research grant from the MDPRC John Pierce Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, USA. Study of the first animal model of ANKK1 conditional knockout

2016-2018 – ECOS Sud – Action ECOS n° C15B01 Deciphering the role of gliotransmission in learning and plasticity