The Unit of Functional and Adaptive Biology (BFA) is one of the Research Units present on the Paris Rive Gauche Campus of the University Paris Diderot. BFA is a Paris Diderot Unit associated with CNRS (UMR 8251), and is housed within the Buffon and Lamarck Buildings. BFA is composed of 7 research teams (among which one INSERM ERL team, INSERM U1133), including 45 researchers with teaching duties and full time researchers, 3 clinicians and 28 engineers, technicians and administrative assistants. There are also about forty non-permanent staff (PhD students and postdoctoral fellows/contracts). The Director is Jean-Marie Dupret and the deputy director is Joëlle Cohen-Tannoudji, both professors at University Paris Diderot.

The BFA unit conducts research in Integrative Biology.

Research topics in BFA aim to better understand the biological mechanisms underlying human adaptation to environmental and/or internal perturbations (endocrine, metabolic or genetic inputs) in physiological or physiopathological contexts. Current research topics include four main scientific domains: Nutrition, Degenerative pathologies and aging, Reproduction, and Toxicology. Relevant preclinical models are developed as tools to uncover mechanisms related to human pathologies. Investigations are conducted on different animal models as well as on tissues and cells from human origin. They rely on a wide array of methodologies ranging from cellular, biochemical, and molecular approaches to non-invasive analysis of physiological parameters.