Degenerative Processes, Stress and Aging

Head: Véronique Monnier (MCF UP)


Our team is interested in the degenerative processes involved in the aging of organisms and in various degenerative pathologies in humans. Our main objective is to identify genetic mechanisms allowing to modulate these processes and, on this basis, to identify potential therapeutic interventions. In these studies, we use model organisms, invertebrate (the Drosophila fly, Drosophila melanogaster) or mammalian (the mouse, Mus musculus), as well as cellular approaches. The following three themes are developed:

1) The search for interventions that can impact the different phases of aging and the analysis of the underlying molecular processes.

2) Analysis of neurodegenerative and cardiac pathologies linked to triplet expansions (polyglutamine-expanding diseases (Huntington’s disease, SCA3) and Freidreich’s ataxia) or point mutations (Parkinson’s disease) and the search for new therapeutic strategies (Supervisors: E. Martin and V. Monnier).

3) Analysis of the involvement of metabolic pathologies in neurodegenerative diseases for the search for biomarkers and new therapeutic strategies (Leaders: N. Janel and S. Middendorp).

Complementary methodologies (genetics, genomics, transgenesis and functional and behavioral analysis, etc.) are used in these different projects which are developed with national collaborators and within European programs.


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